Home Business Career – How to Start a Home Business Career For Less Than 70 Bucks

Are you dreaming of a home business career? If I could show you how to start your home business career for less than $70 would you be interested? No you are not going to pay me to tell you how. I am not a late night infomercial and I do not want your money to give you some simple advice.

OK hang on girls and boys, keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times …and away we go.

Ok, first things first. You are going to need a few products that you will market in order to earn real money. These products can be something that you have created on a subject that you are passionate about. Another option in your home business career is to join Clickbank. You will become an affiliate selling products that others have created and earn a commission.

Second, you will need professional web hosting and a domain name. Professional web hosting usually runs about $25 per month and a domain name will cost you $18 for two years.

Third, you will need an autoresponder. These come in two flavors, scripts and third party. Scripts are too expensive so go with an autoresponder host like Aweber or Get Response. This will cost you about $25.

OK we have products, a website, a domain name, and an autoresponder

Next we need a squeeze page. This is a page that will be hosted on your website that will offer a free product in exchange for the visitor’s first name an email address. You get the code for the “opt in” form from your autoresponder. Build this yourself there are dozens of free tutorials on the net that will teach you how.

Now we come to advertising. Advertising can be expensive if you use pay per click. We are starting on a shoestring budget so let’s go with free advertising. Head over to EzineArticles.com and join up as an author. Start writing short 300 to 400 word articles about the products that you are going to market. Craft an Author’s Resource box that will give your readers a link where they can get more information by opting into your list.

Post the articles to EzineArticles and let free advertising go to work for you.

Last but not least you need to purchase a great big dose of patience. Not one person who started a home business career got rich over night or even in a months time. Do not buy into the hype.

Here is a cost breakdown.

Products – $0.00
Website – $25.00
Domain Name – $18.00
Autoresponder – $25.00
Squeeze Page – $0.00
Patience – $0.00

Grand Total – $68.00

You just started a home business career for $68.

Remember that the worst day of working for your self is better than the best day of working for someone else. Keep at it and learn everything that you can and you will begin to see a profit.

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